From ivory tower to co-creation lab
From hierarchical casts to leadership-mentorship-collaborative model
From know-it-all to tried-it-all
From abstract to empirical
From niche to public
From ignored to relevant
Connected Research for Social Impact

FabLab makes social science research open, useful and relevant. It brings our work exactly where it is needed: to the young and talented, to the local communities, to the public sphere, to the level of policies.

Our aim is to address complex problems with the use of strong social science theories, cutting edge network and data science, and new technologies and media to collect, analyze, test and scale civic tech frameworks in government, business, academia, and civil society.

Experiential Learning for Social Change
We believe the future of work is human-centered and community-driven. We thus prepare our students, the future professionals for whom most jobs have not yet been invented, to design, ideate, co-create, experiment, test, and implement solutions to complex social problems, through storytelling, community-building, data analysis, and design thinking.
At FabLab, they gain practical work experience and competitive advantages in a dynamic job market, exercising empathy, growth, management skills, adaptation, team work, and technologies for research, production, analysis and visualization.

Projects we currently work on

Research & Training

  • Social Network Analysis for mapping civil society mobilization and for designing resilient changemaker ecosystems
  • Organizational Network Analysis for organizational development and change management
  • Political Network Analysis for anti-corruption

Digital Education and Culture

Community Programs

  • PFC Opportunity Board for updates on glocal events, jobs, and professional development tools
  • Mentoring Program for pairing students with professionals in relevant areas of expertise
  • Upskill-Reskill Community Training Program in digital technologies and competencies for elders, the unemployed and first-time job seekers
FabLab is an experiential learning hub for social change.
All projects have student project owners or founders and are run by self-organizing student teams,with professors mentors and organizational partners.
In the past year, we earned more than 10,000 euro from consultancy and training. Most of this money is invested into student grants.