Who we are
And why it matters

In a year, we grew to more than 50 people active in the Lab.

Most are undergrad students, a few profs, a few international collaborators

We work remotely, from all over Romania and across the globe

The core team is scattered, and we have project partners across all continents.

We do applied work across sectors

Our team members have demonstrated expertise in political science, communication sciences, journalism, sociology, public policy, digital media, international development, organizational development, and change management. They are involved in research and development projects at both the global and local levels, in government, business, academia and civil society.


We are dynamic, inclusive, empathic and responsive

And that makes us experimental and experiential in learning, resilient to failures and adaptive to change. Innovators. Our generation of engaged students aim high and achieve well. We trust their abilities to care for solving complex social problems that challenge our present and future. We hope their work in the Lab will help them find career paths with passion and purpose.

We are a research, development and innovation lab at the Institute of Socio-Political Studies, Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Sciences, West University of Timisoara.